Center for gender and sexuality ushers in a new era of support for women and LGBTQIA+ students at Princeton

Wednesday, Apr 14, 2021

Building upon the historical legacy and impactful work of Princeton’s Women*s Center and LGBT Center, a new center for gender and sexuality at Princeton University will launch in fall 2021, allowing staff to better serve individuals and groups across campus, said LaTanya Buck, dean for diversity and inclusion in the Office of the Vice President for Campus Life.

“Students’ identities, experiences and needs, and the ways in which students experience college campuses have evolved over the years,” Buck said. “Under the umbrella of a new center for gender and sexuality — and with the energy of a renewed commitment to improve understanding and facilitate belonging for all students — we will be better able to carry out our mission to eliminate discrimination and injustice at Princeton based on sex, gender and sexual identity.”

With a focus on the student co-curricular experience, the center will engage all members of the Princeton community through education, training and programming on gender and sexuality. Staff members will provide individual and group support for students, and serve as a resource and content expert for the campus.

Learn more about the new center here.