Community & Resources

Princeton believes connection and learning are possible in many different ways. Whether in the classroom, over lunch, or at a public lecture opportunities to build community and resources to support those interactions abound.

Each section below contains information and resources that enrich our campus community.

Advocate & Learn
Princeton offers many ways to learn about diversity and inclusion. We offer trainings on a number of topics and in a variety of formats, including in-person courses, online self-study and customized training for groups.
Inclusive Community
Princeton offers many pathways for connecting on campus as well as to the larger community. Whether you are looking for individuals of similar background or those interested in a common cause, there are connections ready and waiting for you.
Community Resources regarding Israel and Gaza

At a university, events like the Israel-Hamas war can magnify differences in opinion, perspectives, and deeply held beliefs. Princeton is committed to using its scholarly, administrative and community resources to educate and support the campus community in times of stress and division.  Learn more about our plans and activities below and…