Step by Step Process

All University members are encouraged to report all acts of bias, discrimination and/or harassment, despite whether the conduct constitutes a crime or violates policy, so that the University can take appropriate action to help improve the campus climate in ways that are respectful of free speech and expression. The course of action taken by the University, whether a disciplinary penalty or other action to resolve the conflict and educate the community, will depend on the particular facts and circumstances involved.


Step 1: Who do I talk to?

When you feel that you have been subjected to bias, discrimination and/or harassment or have observed such behavior directed at others, you have many options, including consulting with a Confidential Resource or a non-confidential resource, or formally reporting what happened.


Step 2: What options do I have?

There are several options to submit a report or complaint of bias, discrimination and/or harassment to the University.


Step 3: What to expect next

Knowing what happens after filing a report or complaint of bias, discrimination and/or harassment can help inform your decision-making in terms of whether to respond to what happened informally on your own or to make a formal complaint to the University.