Quiet Rooms Scheduling Information

Locations, points of contact, and scheduling information is available below.  A map of current locations (.PDF) is also available for download. 

Building (Room Number) Contact Person Campus Telephone Number Scheduling Information

100 Overlook Center
(N410A, N410B)

Lynn Herbine 609-258-9118 Schedule through EMS Scheduler
600 Alexander Road
Stephen Kim 609-258-7839 Contact Stephen via at [email protected]

701 Carnegie Center
(Room 312)

Risa Lemkin 609-258-8780 Contact Risa via email at [email protected]
Dillon Gym
(off of lobby)
Dan Bennett 609-258-3525 Contact Dan via email at [email protected]
Engineering Quad
Andrea Mameniskis 609-258-2881 Contact Andrea via email at [email protected]
Firestone Library Elaine Russian & Tracy Hall 609-258-0284
Contact Elaine at [email protected].  An Outlook calendar is used to reserve the room (typically for 30-60 minutes) and recurring day/time if needed.  The room is opened via a keypad lock and  the code will be provided when the reservation is confirmed.
Helm Building (221) Jimmy Corsini 609-258-3232 Rooms can be scheduled through EMS Scheduler, or staff can use their PUID to reserve the room on-the-spot using the room scheduler located just outside the door.

Julis Romo Rabinowitz

Courtney Massari 609-258-0286 Available to be used as needed. Switch the slide bar located on the door to ‘In Use.’  Inside the room, use the deadbolt lock to ensure privacy.  Slide the bar back to ‘Vacant’ upon exiting the room and leave the door open.
Lewis Thomas Laboratory
(Schultz 402A)
Terry MacFarland 609-258-4227 Contact Terry via email at [email protected] or [email protected]
New South
(7th Floor)
Melinda DeNero 609-258-2702 Contact Melinda via email at [email protected] to arrange key pick up and scheduling.
PPPL/COB Building
(LSB 209)
Michele Key 609-243-2447 Contact Michele via email at [email protected]
Robertson Hall (056A) Bonelys Rosado 609-258-2674 Available to be used as needed. An individual leaves their ID in office 003 and receives the room key.
Woolworth Hall (023A1) Deborah Koenigsberg 609-258-1036 Contact Deborah via email at [email protected]
Yeh College
(Fu Hall B001)
    Schedule through EMS Scheduler