Equal Opportunity

Princeton is committed to the principles of fairness and respect for all. Our Equal Opportunity Policy protects all students, employees and applicants by requiring that selection decisions for admission to academic programs or employment be based on individual merit rather than stereotypes and bias. All admissions and employment-related decisions are made in accordance with the University's commitment to nondiscrimination.

At the same time, Princeton has specific legal obligations as a recipient of federal financial assistance and as a state and federal contractor. These obligations include the development and implementation of a plan to undertake appropriate forms of affirmative action to employ women, people of color, people with disabilities, and veterans.

Equal opportunity and affirmative action work in tandem with diversity initiatives to achieve the University's goal of creating and maintaining a campus climate of equity and respect that values the rich and unique perspectives, backgrounds and talents of each member of our community. We all share a collective responsibility to foster an inclusive climate and, in doing so, enrich our campus community.

Tell us what happened


Step 1: Who do I talk to?

When you feel that you have been subjected to bias, discrimination and/or harassment or have observed such behavior directed at others, you have many options, including consulting with a Confidential Resource or a non-confidential resource, or formally reporting what happened.


Step 2: What options do I have?

There are several options to submit a report or complaint of bias, discrimination and/or harassment to the University.


Step 3: What to expect next

Knowing what happens after filing a report or complaint of bias, discrimination and/or harassment can help inform your decision-making in terms of whether to respond to what happened informally on your own or to make a formal complaint to the University.


Michele Minter
Vice Provost for Institutional Equity and Diversity
Title IX Coordinator
ADA/Section 504 Coordinator
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201 Nassau Hall